The entertainment sector thrives on taking imagination to the next level. At Telikoz we are fully equipped and prepared to take your business to the next level.

In this digital era, digital visualization is integral in easing the process of feasibility evaluation. Extended Reality or XR includes the entire spectrum of real and virtual combined environments, which includes Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. It also includes human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearables.


Give Yourself the Virtual Edge

Our revolutionary VR services can bring life to your fantasies and open up new horizons for your business endeavours. With VR, you can create virtual characters and objects and blend them in your narrative along with real characters. It’s about driving strong messages that your audience readily admires.
At Telikoz, we specialize in deploying VR to create a virtual world that keeps your viewers engaged. We use our expertise in VR to provide superior user experiences and customer smiles. We are fully equipped and ready to take you to the next level of customer satisfaction.
Let’s join hands for an innovative collaboration!



Enhance Reality. You Can Tell a Tale that’s More Real than Real

Augmented Reality (AR) is an extension of the things that we see. With this futuristic technology, you can add extra value to your services and products.

Let’s start redefining reality and delivering spectacular experiences to your customers. Through AR, you can extend reality to new levels and give your customer the best they can ever think of!

Telikoz will help you deploy AR to its most optimal and efficient outcomes. Our experts in AR will give wings to your dreams and push your boundaries. Tell us how you want to augment reality with the virtual world and we will tell you how to do it in the best possible way. It doesn’t matter where you want to implement AR – be it healthcare, retail, automotive, hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing or education, we have the right solutions in the field!


Where the digital and physical worlds meet!

At Telikoz, we bring the digital and physical world together through our immersive Mixed Reality solutions. Through this flawless blend of the physical and digital worlds, we open before you an innovative and interactive platform that takes your services to another level.
To sum it up, we bring life to your work and data. You can start building secure and collaborative services and cross-platform tools with our mixed reality solutions.

Come join us for safe and intelligent services that lets you offer reliable and superior customer experiences.


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